For Children:

Learning ballet can be an excellent solution as it provides a great deal of benefits for children. Any good dance school or dance academy will have well structured lessons that are carried out in a safe and structured environment. In these classes your child will be both physically and mentally challenged which will help focus their mind and maintain their interest. As their ability improves, so will their co-ordination, self control and discipline which will in turn improve their self confidence. Furthermore, it will provide a positive natural outlet for their abundance of energy.

Learning ballet from an early age is particularly beneficial as young children are far more receptive than adults. They find it easier to learn and also have far fewer inhibitions so it’s far less likely that they’ll feel insecure or embarrassed about performing a particular move. With the initial emphasis on play, learning ballet can also play a significant role in the mental and emotional development of children.

For adult:

Ballet is not only a graceful, elegant form of dance, but can also be an outstanding way to stay in shape. And while many dancers begin their ballet training at a very early age, adult ballet lessons are becoming more popular in dance studios across the country. Adults everywhere are slipping on their ballet slippers and taking advantage of these classes everyday.

In ballet, every inch of your muscles is actively engaged in movements. Another benefit of ballet is that it does wonders to your posture. As the basic requirement of ballet is to have a neutral stance with the spine straightened and hips “squared” (meaning, parallel on both sides), this posture is going to have a “spill-over” effect on your day-to-day posture.

Ballet is inherently a performing art. However, for most adult learners, performing for an audience may not be a possibility at all. Whether you end up on the stage or not, the ballet classes do provide a chance for you to “perform,” even if it is only for the teacher, your classmates and yourself. You will gain a sense of confidence in your own ability to execute movements along with music. If you are a shy person, you might even overcome your lifelong shyness.

Speaking of sedentary lifestyle, ballet is a wonderful activity to get you off your chair. While many people choose yoga or Pilates these days to balance off the long hours of sitting and the lack of movement, some choose ballet for its high “fun factor”. In ballet we get to move along with music and make beautiful patterns with our bodies. We use a lot of “brain power” to remember the steps and to coordinate the different body parts.