About Us

Ballet Studio By Caroline Duprot is a mentorship program developed by Caroline Duprot – a ballet performer with over 20 years of professional onstage experience at some of the world’s most renowned institutions, including Royal Ballet of London, American Ballet Theatre, to just name a few.

Her private practice has been created specifically for children who demonstrate the abilities and talent necessary to qualify for professional ballet schools, such as American Ballet Theatre , School of American Ballet  or Juilliard School of Music …

The program prepares children to qualify for admission to these institutions by exposing them to the real world of professional ballet. It offers world-class training, introduces young dancers to some of the biggest names in the industry, ang gives a glimpse of this art form  through a set of unique experiences available only to select few, including:

– Classes taught in a private studio and designed specifically for private learning.

– Instructors placing great emphasis on parent’s involvement throughout the entire learning cycle.

– Opportunity to participate in organized trips to ballet performances, experience the shows from behind the scenes and meet ballet professionals.